No More Parents Left Behind - An E-BookNo More Parents Left Behind is an invaluable resource for parents.

This 296 page eBook is accompanied by 46 downloadable tools: Personal assignments, challenges, online resources, organizers, quizzes, and worksheets to help parents navigate the often frustrating world of Public Education.

Excerpts from the Introduction
By Marla Cilley, aka The FlyLady

“Alice had been thinking about a book for a long time. She has been a school psychologist for thirty years.

As we drove, Alice shared with me her desire to empower parents. She had seen many parents who were afraid when they came to school to discuss their child’s education.

She just wanted to give them the tools to help their children.”

“We have put this book together for those of you who want to participate in your child’s education but don’t know how. For all of you who struggle with how to talk to teachers and administrators, this book will help you work with your children at home with their education and help you be their advocate effectively in the school system.”


For a free preview of No Parents Left Behind including the full introduction by Marla Cilley, aka The FlyLady, please use the links to the left.  We’ve provided the full table of contents, a complete list of the additional downloadable tools, and examples of some of them.